What We Do

Less than 4 in 10 students in California participate in the arts! This is tragically low and we work to increase that number everyday – starting with the greater Los Angeles area.

Our mission is to provide access to high-quality arts education for all students from early childhood through high school, no matter the school’s funding or resources. We partner with schools and youth organizations to bring expert teachers onsite, live or remote, to teach Music and Movement classes and Dance classes from our thoughtfully designed Arts Education Program.

How we help

  • We believe in equal access and bring arts education to low income schools with little or no funding
  • We provide a sequential education program from TK-12th grade so students can build on their skills as they grow together
  • We only use high quality materials, props and instruments
  • Our teachers are dedicated, passionate, and well-trained
  • Our curriculum is inclusive, diverse and anti-racist

Why Are The Arts So Important?

Besides the learned skills of music and dance, which is an amazing lifelong joy in and of itself, the arts give children a rich blend of developmental support. We’ve seen time and time again improvements in children as a whole – social emotional learning, cognitive skills, empathy, executive functioning, team-building, reading and math skills, critical thinking, concentration, confidence, motivation, and civic and school engagement… just to name a few!

Every child has a right to a high quality arts education. We collaborate with schools and youth organizations to integrate our music and dance classes right into their day, removing access and cost barriers.

Learn more fun facts about how the Arts benefit children here.

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Our Impact

We are honored to provide Music and Movement and Dance classes to students across Los Angeles. To further our goal of arts equity, we focus on removing the access and cost barriers that prevent students from participating in the arts.

For partner schools that have arts funding, we offer sliding scale pricing to stay within their budget.

For partner schools in underserved communities with little or no funding, we use gifts from our generous donors to deliver the same high-quality arts education program.

Thanks to donors, volunteers, educators, parents and communities who believe in the power of the arts, we can serve all students.


Valley Village Montessori School
Friends Western School
Pasadena Unified School District
Mount Washington Elementary School
Boys and Girls Club Santa Monica
Boys and Girls Club Mar Vista Gardens
Citizens of the World Charter School Silverlake

Background & Funding Partner

The Bloom Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization that grew out of the community relationships formed by the Bloom School of Music and Dance (BSMD) in Eagle Rock. For over a decade, BSMD has brought music and dance to life for 6,000 students and counting. It is the most recommended music and dance school in northeast Los Angeles.

The desire to provide the same wonderful music and dance classes taught at BSMD to children across LA who lack access to an arts education led to the creation of BAF. BSMD donated the seed money to create BAF and became its Funding Partner with a generous annual pledge. Learn more about BSMD.