Californians voted yes to Proposition 28 on November 8th, a measure to increase funding for Arts Education in the State.

Los Angeles. California voted yes to Proposition 28, which aims to fund Arts Education Programs in schools without raising taxes. This means that $1 billion will be invested in arts education to ensure art programs have funding in K-12 schools.

Despite evidence that Arts Education helps students gain life skills and improve their performance in other subjects such as math, art programs are the first to be cut from school budgets. Now, with the thumbs up by Californians to Prop. 28, funding will be secure to avoid these cuts in the future. 

Through this measure, supported by famous artists such as Barbara Streisand, access to arts education for schools in underprivileged neighborhoods is also granted. This is another step towards equal access to arts education for all children, and not reserved as a privilege for those who can afford it.

Bloom Arts Foundation was an active participant in the social media campaign to raise awareness about the importance of this measure and why all Californians should be involved in this decision. 

“We are thrilled that Prop 28 passed so that more children in K-12 public schools will have access to arts education. Music education is scientifically proven to help the development of the whole child with numerous significant cognitive and social-emotional benefits for young children. Despite these well documented benefits only 1 in 5 children in California have access to arts education in their schools.  We believe arts education is a right, not a privilege and are hopeful that Prop 28’s annual arts education funding will help narrow the arts equity gap,” said Radhika Fliegel, Bloom Arts Foundation Co-Founder

In 2023, Arts Education in California will begin another chapter full of hope. Not only will it shape the future of the next generation of students in California, but it will also  help improve society as a whole. Also, it is an excellent example for other states to follow and ensure that all children get equal access to Arts Education in their school.