June 16th, Los Angeles. Bloom Arts Foundation celebrates the qualification of the Arts and Music initiative for November’s ballot as a great first step towards providing access to Arts Education. 

The initiative collected enough signatures from California’s voters to qualify for November’s General Election and support the access to Arts Education for 6 million kids in the State. The current situation, according to statistics, is not in compliance with California’s Education Law since less than 2 in 10 California Public schools students are offered an Arts education. 

The Art and Music in Public Schools measures will provide more than $900 million annually for arts and music education in every PK-12 public school in California without raising taxes. This means unprivileged communities will receive extra funding,  particularly Black and Latino students. 

Arts Education has proven beneficial for children and society after decades of reports showing unanimous positive outcomes when Arts Education is part of a well-rounded education.  

Arts give children a rich blend of developmental support from social emotional learning, cognitive skills, empathy, team building, reading and math skills, critical thinking, confidence, motivation, and solidarity, among others. Through our programs, we have seen children overcome their fears, be as creative as they can be, have fun, be curious, and learn to play songs and instruments from other cultures. 

We are thrilled to see this victory for the children of California! Make a plan for the November ballot and vote YES to arts and music in public schools. Everybody wins!,” said Laura Porter, Bloom Arts Foundation’s Co-Founder

Bloom Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on removing the cost barrier that prevents students from accessing an arts education in Los Angeles. Through partnerships with schools in underprivileged communities with little or no funding, BAF offers high-quality arts education programs inspired by the philosophy of Orff Schulwerk and the science of Gordon Music Learning Theory to students from pre-school through  high school. 

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