Preschoolers at  Valley Village Montessori School performed for their families during the Holiday Sing as part of their learning experience with the Bloom Arts Foundation.

As children bundled up in coats and warm sweaters on a surprisingly cold December day came out of their  classroom to perform in the outdoor Holiday Sing , they shyly waved to their families.  However, once they listened to their teacher’s instructions, they owned the stage through their singing voices and shook the cold weather off by dancing. 

Valley Village Montessori School in LA welcomed Bloom Arts Foundation’s Arts Education Program four years ago. Educators, families and children all look forward to the annual Holiday Sing where the children get to perform in front of their families, guided by their music teacher Christina and the Bloom Arts Foundation’s Co-Founder, Laura Porter.


Valley Village Montessori School has grown rapidly from two music classes to four music classes over the last few years.  

It’s been seven years since Valley Village Montessori School opened, and Brett Tinnes is one of the founders and original members who were among the attendees to enjoy the Holiday Sing. ‘All of our kids love the music they’ve been doing, and all of our teachers love it too’, says Tinnes.

Valley Village Montessori School is invested and music education is clearly important to them. This makes our job much easier. When the adults, teachers and staff are behind a program, they tend to see the little weekly wins, the progress and they value the process. While performing and sharing what the children have learned is important, the process is really where the magic happens!”, explains Laura Porter, Bloom Arts Foundation’s Executive Director.

How freeing music can be and all the health involved with music

Angelie Marshall is a parent at Valley Village Montessori School and joined the other parents to see what songs their kids learned in music class. ‘I’m so excited for what Bloom Arts Foundation is doing because -as a mom and a music lover- it is very important for me that my child learn the importance of music and what it can mean for you spiritually, to your soul and then physically’, Angelie Marshall says.

Marshall is proud and honored to be part of a community that supports music and the arts. According to her, ‘there is so much health involved with music’, something that all parents want for  their children.

‘I want my child to understand how freeing music can be, and that it is the language that connects so many different cultures’, explains Marshall. After seeing children dancing  and singing happily to the songs they learned, she thought the program was ‘wonderful’ and expressed her appreciation to Bloom Arts Foundation. 

Schools like Valley Village Montessori are witnessing the positive impact music and dance have on children learning about instruments, songs from other cultures and following the rhythm with their bodies. As Angelie Marshall said, music is an art form that provides many healthy elements, and it is vital children have access to experiencing the beauty of it and the positive effects it will have on them for the rest of their lives.

By Rosario Arán