Futures in Tune is the latest initiative from the Bloom Arts Foundation.  Launched in partnership with Transcenders Music Academy the program is connecting students in LA and South Africa through music.

Futures in Tune is a new program developed in partnership by the Bloom Arts Foundation andTranscenders Music Academy.  The program takes music classes to the next level by providing the first-ever high-quality collaborative cross-cultural arts education for students in different school sites around the world. 

Project CalKwa is the name of the Futures in Tune pilot program launching in January 2023.  Project CalKwa is  connecting carefully selected partner schools in Los Angeles and South Africa, giving students who lack arts education the opportunity to join an innovative global music community to learn and collaborate using music as a common language. Project CalKwa connects 5th grade students at Delevan Drive Elementary in Los Angeles with similar aged students  Zikwanele Place of Hope and Egcenkeni Primary School.  These schools are located in the Shongweni Dam and Stanger Rock Areas of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. 

In the Los Angeles area, there is limited high-quality cross-cultural programming offered to students during school. In the Shongweni Dam and Stanger Rock Areas of KwaZulu Natal there is little to no private or public music education classes available for youth. To increase access to arts education,Futures in Tune is focusing on building a sustainable global music community that embraces diversity and fosters authentic relationships between children in Los Angeles and KwaZulu Natal. 

The goal is to collaborate with schools and youth organizations to integrate high-quality sequential arts education curriculum into their day, removing access and cost barriers. Futures in Tunes hires local music educators and provides ongoing professional development resources to sustain and inspire infinite future programming initiatives.  The program also provides instruments and materials to the partner school sites.  

“We are excited to create a global music community for children where they can play, create and collaborate musically together across continents.  Beyond the cognitive and social-emotional benefits of the Futures in Tune arts education, we believe that this program will also help children form true international friendships, inspire authentic curiosity, and lead to genuine respect for different cultures,”  said Radhika Fliegel, Co-Founder Bloom Arts Foundation 

How the program works

Master teachers carefully crafted Project CalKwa’s curriculum; it combines beat competency, ear training, original composition & songwriting, dancing and rhythm, improvisation, and finding the pulse in the music of multiple genres. In addition,  child development specialists added input to the curriculum to ensure that it best addresses the development of children’s physical, cognitive and social skills. 

All Partner School sites in Los Angeles and KwaZulu Natal will have mirror classes weekly and will be connecting throughout the program using technology to create and collaborate on music together. All instruments, technology and learning material will be provided in each learning facility, and Futures in Tune staff, in collaboration with the partners and communities, will coordinate the classes.

“With over three decades of music industry experience, we are motivated to share our journey of music in hopes of inspiring and connecting future generations of creatives,” say Terence, Mike and Brian from Transcenders. 

Futures in Tune’s impact goes beyond music education. The project will benefit the communities and help families to break the poverty cycle by offering job opportunities for local music educators. Since the program will consistently train educators, sustainable development is in place. In addition, enrollment in music classes will increase safe activities for youth and community pride in their participation.

The power of music is undeniable. It creates bridges between people, no matter their location. It is a universal language that can be shared across nations that doesn’t require years of learning. It only takes enthusiastic students who are given the chance of a lifetime to work together to elaborate a melody, sing to lyrics and learn that when people come together to do something beautiful, the outcome impacts humanity for the better. And that’s what Futures in Tune is  all about.