Our Dance Classes, typically 20 – 45 minutes per week, focus on the sequential development of movement skills. All of our classes meet or exceed the California Arts Standards for Dance.

Styles of Dance: HipHop, Jazz, Ballet, Latin Dance, Musical Theater, World Dance, Folk Dance

We go the extra mile…

History and Representation: Why do ballet dancers stand with heels together and toes pointed out? What is HipHop? These are the historical and cultural contexts we discuss in class. It piques interest and deepens children’s understanding and appreciation for the art form.

Anatomy: In our classes children learn about their anatomy and how and why their bodies move in different ways. You will hear our teachers talking about how the shoulder ball and socket is different from the elbows. We challenge children to learn about their bodies: can you touch your elbow with the same hand? Why not? Education in functional anatomy leads to body acceptance, empowerment, and respect for one’s own unique body and capabilities.

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