Futures in Tune

What is Futures in Tune (FIT)?

Futures in Tune is the latest initiative from the Bloom Arts Foundation. Launched in partnership with Transcenders Music Academy, the program is currently connecting students in Los Angeles, California, Mumbai, India and KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa through music. The program takes music classes to the next level by providing the first-ever high-quality collaborative cross-cultural arts education program for students in different school sites around the world.

Our mission with FIT is to promote curiosity and community across cultures using music and to uplift our students – not necessarily to create professional musicians. Building genuine connection across cultures, especially among children, is needed now more than ever as it promotes the development of self-awareness and empathy. FIT believes that music is one of the most effective cross-cultural connectors that exists.

The goal of FIT is to collaborate with additional schools and youth organizations around the world to integrate high-quality sequential arts education curriculum into their day, removing access and cost barriers. Futures in Tunes hires local music educators and provides ongoing professional development resources to sustain and inspire infinite future programming initiatives. The program also provides instruments and materials to the partner school sites.

How Did Futures in Tune Start?

Project CalKwa is the name of the Futures in Tune pilot program that launched in January 2023. Project CalKwa connected carefully selected partner schools in Los Angeles and South Africa, giving students who lack arts education the opportunity to join an innovative global music community to learn and collaborate using music as a common language. Project CalKwa connected 5th grade students at Delevan Drive Elementary in Los Angeles with similar aged students at Zikwanele Place of Hope and Egcenkeni Primary School in KwaZulu-Natal. These schools are located in the Shongweni Dam and Stanger Rock Areas of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

What is Futures in Tune Up To Now?

In the Summer of 2023, FIT warmly welcomed our second international partner to our program. The Sound Space India, co-founded by sisters Vishala and Kamakshi Khurana, both professional musicians and dedicated music educators. Sound Space brings music education to underprivileged children in Mumbai. Our current edition of FIT is now building community and high-quality cross-cultural arts education by bringing together students from The Sound Space India with our students who are a part of Project CalKwa in both Los Angeles and KwaZulu-Natal.

How Can You Help Futures in Tune?

FIT is rapidly growing to ensure that we are best serving our existing partners and also to continuously reach new partners around the world. In order to achieve our mission of promoting curiosity and community across cultures using music and uplifting our students, the more diverse cultures from around the world that we can include in our program will only enhance and enrich our students lives that much more.

Launching new partnerships involves hiring new FIT team members, purchasing new instruments and necessary materials such as electricity generators and screens to be delivered to areas of the world which are currently underserved. If you are interested in volunteering with us or making a donation to FIT, please click here to learn more about how you can do so.

Cross-cultural education has many benefits to a child’s development. According to Drexel University’s School of Education, “Promoting awareness and creating a personal connection with diverse cultures in the classroom can prevent students from developing prejudices later in life.” Additionally, “by exposing students to a diverse range of opinions, thoughts, and cultural backgrounds, you’re encouraging them to be more open-minded later in life. This will make them open to new ideas and be able to attain a greater comprehension on a topic by taking in different points of view.” As global citizens of the 21st century, having a deeper understanding of different points of view will enable our students to become more capable problem solvers and more successful professionals in their chosen careers – whether they choose to be musicians or not.

There are several other benefits to using the arts as a delivery method for cross-cultural education beyond the aforementioned benefits of gaining diverse perspectives. The New York Times cites a study which found that, “students who had increased arts education experiences saw improvements in writing achievement, emotional and cognitive empathy, school engagement and higher education aspirations, while they had a lower incidence of disciplinary infractions.” Additionally, other skills which are provided through arts education such as creative problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration are all skills which are most needed in today’s complex world.

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