Music and Movement

Music & Movement

Our Music and Movement Classes, typically 20 – 45 minutes per week, focus on the sequential development of musical skills. All of our classes meet or exceed the California Arts Standards for Music.

Musical Genres: Jazz, Classical, Folk from around the world, West African, Brazilian, Mexican, Mariachi, Peruvian, American, Cuban, Caribbean and more. We will introduce students to as many genres as possible to expose their bodies and minds to new sounds, beats, rhythms, languages, and modes of expression.

Instruments (varies by grade level): Drums, recorders, ukuleles, rhythm sticks, shakers, bells, scarves

Growth Framework:

We go the extra mile…

Composition: All children in our programs are involved in writing their own music, movement, stories, rhythms. This makes a connection with music in a way that cannot be done from only listening to an adult giving directions.

History and Representation: History brings context to the music children are learning. Tracing back styles or genres of music often leads to powerful origination stories. In our classes you will hear teachers asking questions like “Who does your favorite artist or band listen to? And who inspired them?”. These simple questions evoke deeper discussions around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Financial Commitment

Since arts equity is our primary goal, we focus on removing the cost barrier that prevents students from accessing an arts education.

For schools that have arts funding we offer sliding scale pricing to stay within their budget.

For schools in underprivileged communities with little or no funding, we use gifts from our generous donors to deliver the same high-quality arts education program.

Thanks to our donors, volunteers, educators, parents and communities who believe in the power of the arts, we are able to serve all students. Reach out to us and we will find a way to bring the joy of music and dance into your community.

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