David C. Hemann

David C. Hemann


Dave found his passion in life when he quit violin (sorry Mom) and picked up his first guitar. He quickly joined a friend’s basement band and spent every possible moment picking, strumming, and rocking out. Dave was extremely focused on becoming a professional musician and took his playing to the next level at University of North Texas, where he graduated with a B.M. in Jazz Studies. Dave went on to make his living as a freelance professional guitarist. In Los Angeles he became a sought after studio and touring musician playing for popular TV (Gossip Girl) and film and working with The Transcenders (Blackish, Mixed-ish, Madame Secretary, Harry’s Law).

Inspired to create the next generation of musicians, Dave has taught guitar and bass for over 25 years to students ages 7 to 70. He is a gifted mentor who has a unique ability to break down complex musical concepts into easy to understand ideas. Dave co-founded the Bloom School of Music and Dance (BSMD) in northeast Los Angeles, serving over 6,000 families to date. BSMD is the most reviewed and recommended music and dance school in northeast Los Angeles. Soon after starting Bloom, he co-founded the SaaS company LessonMate.org, a communication tool for music teachers and a modern solution to the missed music lesson.

Having had the privilege of growing up with music in school as a child, Dave credits his early experiences with music education with his career success and greatest joys in life. Dave believes that music and movement education should be a part of every child’s life, not just those who can afford it. He is honored to be a part of the Foundation and looks forward to enriching the lives of as many children as possible.

When not hiking or playing in a garage band with his wife and identical twin boys, Dave can be found recording and making music with the band, LowCoast.