Radhika Dewan Fliegel

Radhika Dewan Fliegel


Chief Operating Officer

Radhika is driven by impact. She believes that ordinary people can have an outsized impact in the world if they put together the right team. And that’s exactly what’s happening at the Bloom Arts Foundation. Radhika’s dream team of artists and educators have come together to disrupt the education system and give children the high-quality arts education they deserve. So far the Foundation has impacted the lives of over 2,000 students in Los Angeles and is moving towards tripling that number soon.

Radhika is passionate about law and education. She first became aware of the significant disparities in the public education system while volunteering with community development organizations as an undergraduate student at the University of Rochester. To make more of an impact for underserved, marginalized communities Radhika went to law school and graduated cum laude from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. Licensed as an attorney in New York and California, Radhika has advocated on behalf of victims of domestic violence, tenants in affordable housing disputes and student victims of teacher misconduct. She has also advised non-profit organizations and served on their Boards as Director, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Radhika always returns to the field of education because that’s where she sees the most impact. Better and earlier childhood education improves people’s lives through adulthood. Learning about the well documented benefits of a high-quality arts program inspired Radhika to co-found the Bloom Arts Foundation. It almost feels too good to be true that something as joyful as arts education can lead to improvement in test scores, verbal skills, reading ability, social emotional learning, cognitive skills, empathy, team-building, critical thinking, school attendance, public speaking, concentration, confidence, motivation, and executive functioning. Impact!

In her free time, Radhika is often found curled up with her dog reading a mystery novel, having an impromptu dance party or biking around town with her family.