Savannah Bourke

Eli Slavkin

Savannah Bourke

Program Coordinator

Savannah Bourke started singing and playing the piano when she was five, learning from her mother and grandmother and the cello at age nine which she has been playing ever since. She plays guitar, ukulele and percussion instruments in and outside the classroom. Her ensemble singing career involves performances with the District and Regional Choirs in Pennsylvania, competing with Univoz Ensemble in Sing That Thing (2019) and touring with Univoz in Toluca, Mexico (2019), as well as performing with and directing the Crepusculum Choir at Berklee as Conductor (2019 to 2021). Her solo singing career involves working closely with Peter Eldridge at Berklee, performing with Grooversity Batucada, teaching and performing with HipKids, and engaging with Family Aid Boston.

Savannah has backpacked solo around the world visiting Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America on an adventure that shaped her insight into global musical cultures, language and artistry. She studied music in Accra, Ghana with Joe Galeota and Emmanuel Agbeli at various cultural centers building relationships with communities and garnering a greater understanding of West African music and traditions. Her dance experience has foundations in Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap, Latin and West African traditions, allowing her to develop physiological awareness to promote progressive and relevant movement in music education and music therapy. Savannah is a licensed Music Educator and Music Therapy student from Berklee College of Music finalizing field work at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles as her internship to receive her MT-BC.

As a vocalist Savannah understands one of the most emotional processes we experience as musicians and humans is navigating identity and individuality. Savannah is passionate about fostering a space for people to experience their musical selves, learning the tools to use music and art as a resource to help promote self-regulation and mood modulation, to connect with others, to express and communicate more effectively, to create and explore deeper, and to enhance their quality of life. Savannah is dedicated to high quality music education for all children, serving preschool and elementary students while also working to build the BAF family as Program Coordinator, growing its partners and the greater arts education community.