Professional Development Program

Bloom Arts Foundation’s Professional Development Program

This program offers a pathway to implementing music and movement into the day to day within the classroom. Our expert Teaching Artists collaborate with educators, spending a series of weeks in the classroom where they demonstrate ways of integrating music and movement into daily activities.

By adding music and movement methods into the classroom, educators are empowering young children grow through enhanced motor skills, language development, literacy, social skills, risk-taking, and inventiveness. With our program, educators gain practical strategies to bring arts education seamlessly into the classroom.

Financial Commitment

Since arts equity is our primary goal, we focus on removing the cost barrier that prevents students from accessing an arts education.

For schools that have arts funding we offer sliding scale pricing to stay within their budget.

For schools in underprivileged communities with little or no funding, we use gifts from our generous donors to deliver the same high-quality arts education program.

Thanks to our donors, volunteers, educators, parents and communities who believe in the power of the arts, we are able to serve all students. Reach out to us and we will find a way to bring the joy of music and dance into your community.

Want Bloom At Your School?

Are you ready for us or just want to learn more? We would love to chat and get to know your needs and goals for your school or organization.